Our leather footstools don’t just look great, they also have various health benefits too. Choose a footstool from our range and you’ll be able to enjoy from some of the best imaginable build quality as well as breathtaking design. Footstools are noted for the comfort that they provide, and are particularly supportive to pregnant women and people suffering from injuries. However, they can be used by everyone and can add an extra layer of character to any lounge.

Our footstools are available in many colours, and whether you’re drawn to the gorgeous allure of the boxed footstool with a fixed lid, the timeless beauty of the slipper stool or classic character of our Queen Anne footstool, we’re sure that you’ll appreciate the look and feel of our products. We have almost three decades of experience in producing high-end upholstery and are able to offer our products for exceptionally low prices without compromises on quality being made. We build our footstools