Sofa By Designs specialise in fully handmade leather and contemporary furniture, delivered directly to your door. Our extensive range of Chesterfield Chairs – a uniquely British twist on Leather Chairs – includes Leather Recliner Chairs, Leather Wing Chairs, and numerous other designs. Each of our Leather Chairs is handcrafted to specification: they are at once practical, and works of art.

You're not restricted to the traditional Brown Leather Chairs, either (although we have a stunning range of Chesterfield variants in brown): our Chesterfield range encompasses a wide spectrum of colours including rich mahogany, vibrant royal blue and a bright tan – we have Leather Chairs for every situation.

If you're after something more specific, it's likely we can help. We stock underrepresented Chesterfield variants, too, such as high-back Leather Chairs, pocket-sprung Leather Chairs and – for discerning offices – a Leather Swivel Chair.

Chesterfield sofas have a long and illustrious history in the United Kingdom, and have come to be virtually synonymous with the great English heroes of Romantic fiction. Their prevalence is owed mainly to their status as 'high-class' furniture items: it's not unusual to see a few Chesterfield Leather Chairs dotted about British stately homes and museums. They add a touch of class, without being overbearing. They are, of course, incredibly comfortable.

Aside from our extensive range of Leather Chairs, we can also help if you're in need of various furniture accessories – such as rocking chairs – or footstools. Again, every single one of our sofas is made by hand in England. If you're seeking a Chesterfield Leather Chair, you simply cannot get more authentic than this.